Top 5 Reasons Why People Prefer Ready to Drink Coffee

5 Reasons Why You Will Prefer Ready to Drink Coffee over Other Drinks

Reason 1: RTD Coffee Aids in Relaxation

Reason 2: Regarded as an Ideal Pre- and Post-workout Beverage

Reason 3: Serves as the Perfect Substitute for Energy Drinks

Reason 4: Helps Save Time

Reason 5: Looks Matter

Sleepy Owl-Best Cold Brew Coffee Sleepy Owl-Best Cold Brew Coffee

5 Easy Recipes to Whip Up Your Summer Cold Brew Coffee

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

If you are a true coffee lover, you probably know how difficult it is to hit the brief with the taste and texture of Cold Brew coffee. The recipe and process involved need to be just right to help conjure the perfect cup of real good coffee. However, not every task in life needs to be a tall order – certainly not with Cold Brew coffee!

Take a look at these five easy Cold Brew recipes and set the tone for summer this year!

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Top 5 Cold Brew Coffee Recipes You Need to Try

Get yourself charged up mid-work or start your every day with a cold knock-out by trying these refreshing Cold Brew recipes. However, although easy to whip up, these recipes are truly meant for those who really love coffee and are willing to go a little extra mile. Take a look!

  • Recipe 1: Iced Latte with Crystal Boba

Sounds luxurious, right? Tastes the same too! Vanilla and coffee – this combination is undoubtedly the most perfect pair in the universe. A healthier alternative to sugar, adding vanilla to a bitter-tasting drink can provide just the right amount of sweetness. Hence, a few drops of pure vanilla extract in your coffee will take the flavours up a notch, without any additional carbohydrates or calories.

You can make this drink even better and more unforgettable by adding crystal boba. Besides their chewy texture, crystal boba also makes your Cold Brew look incredibly pretty. And you know, the perfect coffee experience combines flavour, aroma and looks!


  • Cold Brew concentrate
  • Milk
  • Vanilla bean syrup
  • Ice
  • Whipped cream
  • Crystal Boba

Procedure: To begin with, fill up a cup with crystal boba and ice. Next, pour the milk over the ice and top it off with your prepared Cold Brew coffee. Pour in some vanilla bean syrup and keep stirring for a while. Finally, layer with whipped cream, add a drizzle of vanilla bean syrup and enjoy!

To make the process even easier and instead of combining coffee and vanilla syrup separately, you can simply go for Sleepy Owl’s French Vanilla Cold Brew coffee variant to get the same taste and some more.

  • Recipe 2: Dark Cold Brew Cocktail


  • Cold Brew 60 ml
  • Bourbon whisky 30 ml
  • Coffee liqueur 30 ml
  • Liquid jaggery 2 tablespoons

Best Cold Brew Coffee Best Cold Brew Coffee

Procedure: The method to make this delicious Cold Brew coffee is rather easy. Just combine these ingredients in a cocktail shaker along with ice. After that, pour the mixture into a glass with ice cubes. That’s it!

  • Recipe 3: Cold Strawberry Mocha with Coffee Jelly

Undoubtedly, iced mocha continues to be one of the favourite caffeinated drinks around the world. After all, chocolate and coffee go well together since the acidity and bitterness of coffee is the perfect marriage with the sweetness and richness of the chocolate. Let’s take it up a level and add the tartness of strawberries to mocha!

With this recipe, you will successfully whip up a refreshing drink that offers an incredible play of textures and flavours and leave you craving for more. On top of that, you can add coffee jelly to the combination as well!


  • Prepared Cold Brew coffee
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Strawberry fruit puree
  • Ice
  • Coffee Jelly
  • Strawberry slices

Procedure: Mix the dark chocolate sauce, strawberry puree, Cold Brew Coffee, and milk in a shaker and give it a good shake. Strain this rich goodness into a cup filled with coffee jelly and ice. Finally, you can top it off with some strawberry slices and whipped cream.

  • Recipe 4: Cold Brew with Cherries

Get the perfect and highly sought-after blend of sweet and sour with this Cold Brew coffee recipe. The creamy texture of real good coffee and the tartness of cherries cutting through the rich taste is to die for!


  • 250 g Sour cherry syrup
  • Sliced sour cherries
  • 375 g bottled lemonade
  • Diluted Cold Brew –( You can make this by simply mixing 200 ml of pure Cold Brew with 200 ml of water)
  • Crushed ice

Best Flavoured Cold Brew Coffee Best Flavoured Cold Brew Coffee

Procedure: To begin with, pour the sour cherry syrup and lemonade into a large jug and mix well. Next, fill a glass with sour cherry and crushed ice. After that, you need to add the cherry lemonade and diluted Cold Brew into a glass and mix them together and serve!

  • Recipe 5: The Viral Dalgona Coffee with a Twist

Popularly referred to as the whipped coffee of desi cappuccino, Dalgona is a caffeinated drink made from instant coffee. As you must be aware, the word “Dalgona” has been derived from “달구나,” a Korean word which roughly translates to “it’s sweet.” It is also the name of the popular Korean honeycomb toffee street snack (you have probably seen it in Squid Games!)

You can easily prepare Dalgona coffee and make it even more interesting by adding popping pearls. Let’s give it a try!


  • Milk
  • Ice
  • Popping pearls
  • Cold Brew coffee
  • Filtered water

Dalgona Coffee Dalgona Coffee

Procedure: Add popping pearls and ice in a glass and pour milk on it. Remember to leave some space on top and allow it to sit aside. Next, you need to whisk together your Cold Brew coffee and hot water to create fluffy whipped coffee! You can use a milk frother for this purpose.

Make Your Cold Brew Taste Even Better with Sleepy Owl

If you fancy a glass of rich and flavourful Cold Brew, know that the journey starts with real good coffee – exactly what Sleepy Owl specialises in! Our Cold Brew coffee can be easily brewed overnight and comes with a naturally sweet taste. Moreover, it is less bitter and close to 70% less acidic, thereby adding to the flavour profile considerably. You can choose from 8 different Cold Brew flavours - Dark Roast, Original, Cinnamon, Mocha, Hazelnut, Caramel, French Vanilla, and New Orleans.

Have our Cold Brew with milk or without, or try out these 5 refreshing recipes for summer and enjoy!