Cold Brew Packs

Cold Brew coffee is a brewing method in which coffee is brewed in cold/room temperature water for a period of 18-24 hours. It's made using ground coffee, a coffee filter, and room temperature/cold water. Since it’s never exposed to heat, the coffee doesn’t contain any bitter flavours. The result is totally worth it - you get smoother, sweeter, & less acidic, freshly brewed coffee. 

No, you don't need any equipment to make your Cold Brew. Just some fresh water and a jar does the trick!

Add your Cold Brew to a pan and heat it for 60 seconds. Voila!

You can brew your coffee in room temperature or cold water. Either works! While brewing, we recommend using filtered water and covering your jar/container with a lid.

You can make your own Cold Coffee at home using Sleepy Owl Coffee! Make your coffee concentrate and blend it with milk, ice, and sugar in a blender! Add some ice cream if it’s a cheat day and if you’re looking for some extra indulgence! 

Original is our take on the purest expression of coffee. It has our signature chocolatey taste that comes from select Arabica beans. This is a medium roast coffee. Dark Roast is packed with deep flavours, a heavy body, and a smooth mouth-feel. Mellow it down with a little milk if that's your thing.

Each Brew Pack makes approximately 450ml of concentrate, which is about 3 cups of coffee.

Once brewed, you can store the Cold Brew in an airtight container, in the fridge and use it for up to a week.

The Brew Packs have approximately 425mg caffeine per pack.

You can brew your coffee for 12 - 24 hours. The longer you brew it, the stronger it gets. If you like your coffee with milk, you must brew for 16-24 hours, else the coffee will be too diluted when you add milk.

Founders' tip on this one: They brew it for 24 hours, in the fridge. The end result is a smooth and bold Cold Brew.

Hot Brew Bags

The Hot Brew Bags have been inspired by Tea Bags. Place 1 Brew Bag in a cup. Pour 200ml of piping hot water over the bag. Dunk the bag a couple of times to allow the coffee to brew into the water. Let it brew for 5-7 minutes! Enjoy it black or with a dash of milk!

You need to brew your coffee for a minimum of 5 minutes. If you like your coffee stronger, you can brew it for longer.

Original is our take on the purest expression of coffee. It has our signature chocolatey taste that comes from select Arabica beans. This is a medium roast coffee. Dark Roast is packed with deep flavours, a heavy body, and a smooth mouth-feel. Mellow it down with a little milk if that's your thing.

Each Brew Bag makes one solid cup of coffee!

Our Hot Brew Bags have approximately 105 mg caffeine per bag.

Our Brew Bags are designed to make one solid cup of coffee. We don’t recommend using these again.

Ground Coffee

We have three types - Coarse, Medium and Fine grind coffee. You can refer to ourGrind Guide to select what works for your equipment. In addition to these grinds, we also have whole beans.

This will depend on the grind type and the equipment that you are using. An AeroPress will yield about 14-16 cups with our 250gm Ground Coffee. On the other hand, a Moka Pot will yield about 10-12 cups of coffee. These amounts may vary depending on how much coffee you put in per cup!

No, the fine grind coffee is not instant coffee powder and has to be brewed in an Espresso machine or Moka Pot.

Our ground coffee is not instant coffee, and will not dissolve in water or milk directly. We recommend using coffee equipment associated with the grind size to brew your coffee.

The shelf life of our coffee is 12 months. Once roasted and ground, the bags are sealed immediately to retain the freshness. The packaging has a one way valve that doesn't let in any oxygen, so the coffee stays fresh. You can even keep the coffee in its original packaging without using another jar/container to store it.

Generally, the caffeine content is 80mg per 10 gm of dry coffee. The method you use to brew yours will determine the approximate caffeine content. For example, a cup of French Press coffee can range anywhere between 80-130mg per cup.

Brew Boxes & Iced Coffee Bottles

Brew Box on Tap

The Brew Boxes on Tap is our way of making your life easier. It is 100% ready to drink black coffee which is freshly brewed daily in cold water for over 22 hours. This cold brew is endlessly customisable and ships in Delhi NCR only. We offer the Brew Boxes on Tap in the Original and Cinnamon Variants only.

The Big Brew will give you approximately 10-12 cups. The Lil Brew gives 6-7 cups of coffee.

Iced Coffee Bottles

The shelf life of our bottles is 6 months. You can store these at ambient/room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and chill them just before consumption.

Yes, you can store the Iced Coffee bottles at an ambient temperature, away from direct sunlight. Pop these in the fridge a couple of hours before you want to have them.

The caffeine content in our Ready-to-Drink bottles is approximately 18mg/100ml.

All our Iced coffees are under 100 calories. Classic, Hazelnut, Vanilla and Salted Caramel have 80 calories each, Mocha has 90 calories and Sweet has 99 calories.

Classic/Hazelnut/Vanilla/Salted Caramel - 4.33 gm/100 ml

Mocha - 5.47gm/100 ml

Sweet - 6.72gm/100 ml

This is because we adopt a practice called “Retort.” In this practice, the product is able to hold its life since the liquid is poured into the bottle at a certain temperature which gives us a shelf life of 6 months!

We ship the bottles in special break-proof packaging, which requires us to pack them in sets of 6 or 12 bottles. So at the moment, we cannot ship single bottles.

We get what you mean, but this is intentional. Unlike some brands that mask the flavour of coffee with a lot of milk, we developed our Iced Coffee with Cold Brew and little milk, so one could taste the real coffee in it. 


Enamel Mugs

The Enamel mug is made of stainless steel and cannot be used in a microwave or dishwasher.

The mug holds 350ml of coffee/liquid.

At the moment we are unable to customise the mugs.

The Enamel Mug is sturdy and durable, if handled with care. While it won't shatter into pieces if dropped, it will definitely develop cracks on the inside and start to deteriorate as a result.

Ceramic Mugs

Our Ceramic mug is microwave-friendly. If your dishwasher supports other ceramics, the mug should be fine as well.

At the moment, we are unable to customise the mug.

The mug holds 375ml of coffee/liquid.

Other Merchandise


It’s made from a durable, food-grade, BPA-free polymer. This is not single use plastic.

We are so sorry but we do not sell the straw separately.

We've designed the Tumbler for Cold Brew, and don't advise using it for hot liquids.

Travel Mug

We only have a Black and White mug available at the moment.

At the moment we are unable to customise the mug.


No it does not, you will have to add 2 AA batteries to the Frother before using it.

Yes, the Frother comes with the stand.

You need to use 2 AA batteries for the Frother.

French Press

The French Press is 16.7cm tall with a 7.3cm wide base.

What stands out about our French Press is its elegant minimalist design. It’s skilfully crafted to cater to both utility and aesthetics. The two-layered filter gives you a flavourful brew with no grounds. 

We recommend using our 100% Arabica Coarse Grind coffee in a flavour of your choice. Our French Press has been designed to elegantly extract maximum flavour out of the coffee grinds and give you a clear brew. 


We are so happy that you love our product so much! We have subscriptions available for all our products - Cold Brew Iced Coffee Bottles, Hot Brew Bags, and Cold Brew Packs! For our Delhi-NCR customers, we even have a subscription for the Brew Boxes on Tap. You can visit the subscriptions section on our website for more details.

We want to make life simple for you! Subscription is one way of doing that. Visit the subscription section on our website, choose the product that you’d like to subscribe to. Select the details of the product and delivery. The next thing to do is pay up for your first box and voila, you’re done! The best part? It's completely flexible. You can choose to pause, skip a box or cancel at any time.

The payment for subscriptions is monthly. A payment link will be sent to you monthly via text messages and email. As soon as you make the payment, the product will be dispatched. You can also sign up with an auto-debit card, which will be charged each month when your next box is due.

No, unfortunately, we do not offer a change of flavour mid subscription yet. It is still work in progress. If you’d like to change the flavour of the product, you can cancel your subscription and start a new one!

Of course! You can definitely have two simultaneous subscriptions running for different products.

When you log into your Sleepy Owl account, you will see three options - Cancel, Renew and Pause your subscription. Use any of the three options as you see fit!

We love it when you travel and still want us around! Just log into your Sleepy Owl Account on our website and change the delivery address. Your next order will be sent to the updated address!


Coffee is over and the day seems incomplete? We know the feeling, which is why we aim to get our orders delivered as soon as possible!

Once we receive your order, it is usually dispatched within 24 hours. Orders received between Friday - Sunday are dispatched the following Monday.  A Delhi-NCR Order will take 2-3 days for the order to be shipped and delivered. Anywhere else in India, the estimated delivery period will be 5-7 days. As a company policy, we do not ship any orders on Saturday and Sunday!

Don’t worry, send us an image of the product with your order number on with the subject “Shipment Damaged” and we’ll take care of the rest!

Don’t worry, send us an image of the product, with your order number on with the subject “Shipment Incorrect” and we’ll take care of the rest!

Once dispatched, you will receive a tracking link on the contact number provided with the order. Use it to follow your coffee's journey all the way from our warehouse to your doorstep.

Absolutely! Just drop us an email mentioning your request on with your order number as soon as it is placed. We'll take care of the rest!

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