Our Coffee

Sourced with care.

We use 100% Arabica Coffee. Grown above 5300ft in the southern part of India, and sourced directly from farms, our plantation coffee is some of the best around.

An exact roast.

Every coffee reacts differently to roasting. The right roast enhances the flavours we want, while keeping bitterness away. We spent months obsessively testing our coffee to fine-tune our signature taste. Today, we roast in small batches to maintain that same high standard throughout.

Delivered fresh.

As soon as it's roasted, the coffee is ground just right and immediately sealed for dispatch. We do this every single day. This process locks in all those delicious flavours for good, so each cup you brew tastes the way it was intended.

Nicely balanced flavour.

A cup of Sleepy Owl has a deep, characteristic, chocolate flavour that's a direct result of our choice of beans. We work hard to maintain this flavour profile all year round. It's smooth with a hint of natural sweetness that comes from slow-brewing.

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