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Two former lawyers and an ex-banker got together to put everything they learned professionally a.k.a drinking heaps of coffee to brew the perfect cup of Cold Brew Coffee. The result is Sleepy Owl Coffee. 

In all seriousness, we were tired of consuming milky, extra sweet desserts that were somehow branded as coffee at mainstream cafe's across the country. Therefore, we started Sleepy Owl Coffee with a simple mission: to make great coffee. 

Rooted in the spirit of Make in India, we at Sleepy Owl Coffee wanted Indian consumers to enjoy the best coffee sourced directly from Indian farmers. It was important to us that we made something that was not just delicious, but free of sugars and preservatives — not to mention convenient and portable. 

So while the world is focussing on thinking outside the box, we put our cold brew in a nifty box that is on its way to change how Indians perceive and drink coffee.

We take pride in what we’ve created, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

 - Arman, Ajai & Ashwajeet