About us

Hey, Coffee Lovers!

We’re three friends who all love good coffee, but could never find a great cup when we needed it. Now we brew our own, and box it to-go. It’s pretty awesome.

Arman, Ajai and Ashwajeet

We were passionate about our coffee when we had day jobs as lawyers and bankers. Back then, there was a happy satisfaction in finding the right brew during a busy day. That brew, unfortunately, was never easy to find.

Our ideal coffee would be easy to get, easy to store and easy to drink anytime, anywhere—all while tasting absolutely perfect. We were determined to invent it. We quit our jobs, put in the effort, and a year later we’d made a delicious brew that stays fresh for long.

Today, we have Sleepy Owl Coffee. We’re proud of it. We love it. And we can’t wait for you to try it.

- Arman, Ajai and Ashwajeet