Frothy Instant Combo - French Vanilla

Frothy Instant Combo - French Vanilla

Delicious coffee, ready in seconds. Shop the ultimate combo of our powerful Frother and French Vanilla Instant Coffee. With a coffee that's 100% Arabica with zero preservatives and a chic Frother that froths like a pro, you can enjoy cafe-like coffee at home. We'd call it a match made in heaven, you can simply call it the best combo ever.

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These soluble coffee crystals are made from only 100% Arabica coffee. No additives, no substitutes.


An airtight aluminium seal makes sure your coffee is delivered as fresh as it started out.


Ensures that the Frother is long lasting and looks as chic as it could on you kitchen counter. Also, it comes with a stand!


Its power makes sure that your coffee is as frothy as you'd like.Tip: you can use it to froth other stuff as well!

Instant latte

100ml hot milk. 1tsp Premium Instant. Froth till combined.

Cold Coffee

100ml cold milk + ice. 1tsp Premium Instant. Blend till extra frothy.
Customers Often Ask—
  • Which beans do you use for Premium Instant?

    Our Premium Instant Coffee is made of 100% Premium Arabica Beans. It contains Soluble Crystals (95%) and Freshly Roasted Coffee (5%).

  • How is it different from other Instant Coffee brands?

    Our Premium Instant Coffee is made using our signature 100% Arabica Beans. We have used freeze-dried technology to preserve more aromas and flavours of the coffee. This process ensures that our freshly roasted 100% Arabica is spread equally across soluble coffee crystals, giving a rich brew in seconds.

  • Does the Frother come with a stand?

    Yes, the Frother comes with the stand.

  • Does the Frother come with batteries?

    No it does not, you will have to add 2 AA batteries to the Frother before using it.

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