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French Press & Ground Coffee

A classic barista tool, uplifted by our minimalist design. This brewer makes a mean cup of coffee and looks equally great on a kitchen counter or a desk. This combo contains our French Press and a Free 100% Arabica Course Ground Coffee to go with it. Choose the flavour of your choice from 4 delicious options and enjoy this freshly roasted coffee! 

  • contains 1 French Press + 250gm ground coffee

  • Food-safe plastic, Borosilicate glass & Steel

  • Double Filtered

  • brews 2 hot cups

  • easy pouring

Grind Guide
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Seamless design

Made with borosilicate glass, stainless steel and food-safe plastics.

double meshed filter

A two-layered filter keeps the grounds out and brews a crystal clear cup of coffee.

engineered Spout

The precisely shaped and grated spout pours into your cup without any spillage.

2tsp fresh ground coffee.

250ml hot water.

Push in the plunger so it rests on the surface of the water.

Brew for 5 minutes.

Pour the coffee into a cup. Have it black or with milk!

How to brew

Brew your Ground Coffee the right way with our minimalistic French Press.

Customers Often Ask—
  • How do I use the French Press?

    It’s super easy to use our French Press. Take 2 tsps of coarse ground Sleepy Owl Coffee, and add 250ml of hot water to it. Push in the plunger so it rests on the surface of the water. Let it brew for 5 mins. Pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy it black or with milk and sugar.

  • Which grind of coffee comes with this combo?

    A classic Coarse Grind goes perfectly well with a French Press. Hence, our combo contains our 100% Arabica Ground Coffee in Course Grind, in any flavour of your choice, along with our French Press. Now brew a perfectly clear cup of coffee using this combo.

  • How tall is the French Press?

    The French Press is 16.7cm tall with a 7.3cm wide base.

  • How do I clean my French Press?

    It’s pretty easy to clean your French Press. Start by removing the coffee grounds using a wooden or rubber spatula. Rinse out any remaining grounds with warm water. Add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid and add warm water till the French Press is half-full. Gently press the plunger a couple of times to help remove any residue. Empty and rinse well. Let it air dry or use a soft cloth.

  • How many cups of coffee can I brew at a time?

    You can brew approximately 2 cups of coffee (350ml) at a time in the French Press.

  • How much caffeine does your ground coffee have?

    Generally, the caffeine content is 80mg per 10 gms of dry coffee. The method you use to brew yours will determine the approximate caffeine content. For example, a cup of French Press coffee can range anywhere between 80-130mg per cup.

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