Filter Coffee Powder

Ground Coffee
Filter Coffee Powder

Filter Coffee Powder

Sourced directly from select plantations. Make Filter Kaapi the traditional way with our bold and nutty blend of Robusta and Chicory. Our Filter Coffee Powder doesn't dissolve in water, you will need proper equipment for optimum brewing.


  • 250gm per bag

  • Sealed for freshness

  • Equipment Required

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Grind Guide
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Ground Coffee / Filter Coffee

Great coffee made from the right beans

We source our coffee only from the best farms in Chikmagalur. The beans are rated grade-A, a rating reserved for the top 2% of all Robusta coffee.

Sourced With Care

The beans come from top Indian plantations

Exact Roast

The right roast brings out a nice chocolatey flavour

Freshness Locked-in

Sealed airtight immediately after roasting

Customers Often Ask—
  • What are the different grinds of coffee available?

    Our Filter Coffee is only available in fine grind.

  • What beans do you use for the Filter Coffee powder?

    To give you an authentic Filter Kaapi experience, we’ve used premium quality Robusta beans (85%) along with Chicory (15%).

  • What is the caffeine content?

    The Filter Coffee powder has 96mg caffeine per 10 grams of coffee.

  • Can I make black coffee with this?

    Yes, you can take coffee concentrate with our Filter Coffee powder. However, for an authentic South Indian experience, we recommend using milk and passing it between two cups for a frothy cup of Kaapi.

  • Does it have sugar?

    The Filter Coffee powder has absolutely no sugar or preservatives. You can add sugar to your Kaapi per your taste.

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