Impressive Benefits of Drinking Filtered Coffee

Filter coffee is good for your heart.

Filter coffee can help aid digestion post a meal.

Filter coffee is less acidic than other coffee.

Filter coffee is devoid of additives and preservatives


Filter coffee can help boost your metabolism.

Filter coffee is a good source of antioxidants.

Filter coffee can help lower blood sugar.

Impressive Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Coffee

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

We live in a world that loves filters! Whether they’re on Instagram making you look beautiful or funny, or if they come in the form of delicious filter coffee - everyone loves the filter life.

No points for guessing our favourite kind of filter because it’s none other than delicious, authentic and smooth filter coffee. A bold cup of filter coffee has the power of fixing anything - Monday blues, bad moods, caffeine cravings, you name it.

Sleepy Owl has a range of specially crafted South Indian filter coffee, which is the perfect blend of 85% robusta and 15% chicory beans that makes a bold, nutty and velvety-smooth cup till the last sip. Filter coffee, though tastes absolutely divine, also has more benefits that will leave you impressed and urge you to order it right away.

Benefits of Filtered Coffee Benefits of Filtered Coffee

Let’s talk about some filter coffee benefits that you should know about.

1. Filter coffee is good for your heart.
Studies show that drinking filter coffee is healthier for the heart in comparison to drinking coffee which is prepared using other methods. The reason for this is that unfiltered coffee has certain substances that can increase blood cholesterol which get removed when coffee is had in its filtered form.

2. Filter coffee can help aid digestion post a meal.
It has fibres that help ease the digestion process, so having a cup of fresh filter coffee after a meal helps with digestion and general gut health. The chicory present in the blend is also an important factor in improving your digestive health.

3. Filter coffee is less acidic than other coffee.
For a true coffee lover, enjoying the authentic taste of coffee means a lot. Filter coffee ends up drawing less acidity from the concentrate and enhances the true flavours of the blend. This helps you cherish the flavours and aroma in each cup that you brew.

4. Filter coffee is devoid of additives and preservatives.
Due to the fact that filter coffee is a fresh brew made with a blend of pure beans, it doesn’t have the unhealthy concerns that come with additives or preservatives. Filter coffee drinkers add milk and sugar according to their taste preferences. Our range of filter coffee doesn’t include any sugar in it and can be added once brewed if you wish.

5. Filter coffee can help boost your metabolism.
The rich antioxidants present in filter coffee due to the robusta and chicory beans can help give your metabolism a much needed boost and help you in your weight loss journey. Drink, exercise, eat, repeat.

6. Filter coffee is a good source of antioxidants.
Coffee in general is rich in antioxidants and filter coffee, made with specially extracted beans has its own set of antioxidants that further help with many health concerns like inflammation, heart problems, arthritis and more. Some research has also claimed that it reduces the risks of developing cancer.

7. Filter coffee can help lower blood sugar.
Apart from reducing the blood cholesterol levels, the chicory present in filter coffee contains fibres that can help lower your blood sugar levels helping with diabetic concerns as well.

Filtered Coffee Powder Filtered Coffee Powder

These numerous benefits make filter coffee one of the better options when it comes to drinking coffee on the daily, especially for older people. An observational study deduced that drinking filter coffee over other forms of coffee benefited people in the long run because it has little to no cholesterol in it. Something to think about isn’t it? Maybe over a cup of fresh filter coffee that you can effortlessly make at home.

Sleepy Owl brings to you an indulgent range of filter coffee available in the form of filter coffee powder, brew bags and even easily prepared premium instant coffee.

Our Filter Coffee Powder is specially sourced from select plantations in South India and is delivered straight to your doorstep so you can make authentic filter coffee in your own kitchen. The filter coffee powder doesn’t simply dissolve in water and needs specific equipment so you can make it the traditional way. But don’t you worry, we have got all the equipment you need in our Filter Coffee Kit. The kit includes our filter coffee powder which comes in a fine grind along with a filter coffee brewer, Dabara tumbler and a teaspoon all made with pure brass for you to have the most authentic experience at home.

South Indian filter coffee South Indian filter coffee

Our Filter Kaapi which is an instant coffee gives you an authentic cup of filter coffee in no time. It has a tempting nutty-bold taste with a velvety-smooth feel that will leave you wanting more. The perfect blend will easily dissolve in hot or cold water or milk, depending on your preference. Making and enjoying a nice cup of filter coffee has never been this easy.

We also have the much loved filter coffee hot brews that come in the form of convenient brew bags and three very enticing flavours. The Classic Kaapi is exactly what it sounds like and brews a strong cup without any equipment. The Madras Blend brews a nuttier and bolder cup and the Deccan Express flavour has a velvety-smooth taste like no other. All you have to do to make these blends at home is leave the brew bag in hot water for seven minutes and let the magic happen. Followed by adding hot milk (and sugar) depending on how you like your coffee and toss the blend back and forth between two cups to make it frothy and ready to drink.

We can now truly say that adding filter coffee to your daily routine has a lot of benefits and what makes all of this better is that it tast