Madras Blend
Hot Brew

Madras Blend

Make a nuttier and bolder cup of Filter Kaapi with our Madras Blend. An authentic concentrate without any equipment!

80% Robusta • 20% Chicory
  • Real Good Coffee

  • 1 cup per bag

  • from chikmagalur

  • No preservatives

  • Ships Tomorrow

  • How to Brew

  • Our original Kaapi blend just got nuttier and bolder with the Madras Blend.

Grind Guide
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How to Brew

The Ultimate Kaapi Experience at home—See how!

what makes it special
Our signature chocolatey flavour
comes from great beans.

Sourced with care

We use Robusta coffee that’s rated Grade-A

An exact roast

The right roast enhances the flavours you want

Delivered fresh

Ground just right and immediately sealed

Customers Often Ask—
  • How do I make a Filter Coffee?

    To nail the classic Filter Coffee taste you must dip the Brew Bag in hot water for 7 minutes. If you want a stronger coffee, let it brew for longer. While the concentrate brews, boil the milk in a pan. You can add sugar according to your preference during this step. Add the hot milk to the concentrate. Pass it back and forth between two cups to froth the coffee.

  • Does Filter Coffee have sugar?

    The Filter Coffee bags do not have any sugar or preservatives. Once brewed, you can add sugar or another sweetener per your taste.

  • How much caffeine does the Filter Coffee have?

    Our Filter Coffee has approximately 120mg caffeine per brew bag.

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