Top 5 Reasons Why People Prefer Ready to Drink Coffee

5 Reasons Why You Will Prefer Ready to Drink Coffee over Other Drinks

Reason 1: RTD Coffee Aids in Relaxation

Reason 2: Regarded as an Ideal Pre- and Post-workout Beverage

Reason 3: Serves as the Perfect Substitute for Energy Drinks

Reason 4: Helps Save Time

Reason 5: Looks Matter

The Ultimate Guide To South Indian Filter Coffee

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Imagine yourself enjoying a hearty meal at a South Indian restaurant and ending the meal with a delicious cup of rich, frothy South Indian coffee. Now imagine craving that filter coffee at home and not being able to go to the restaurant, because you know, life gets in the way. Don’t you worry, because we have something that will satiate your cravings seamlessly and successfully.

Sleepy Owl brings to you a variety of South Indian filter coffees that can be easily made at home without much effort. The Filter Kaapi which is a part of our Premium Instant Coffee range, the Filter Coffee Powder and the South Indian Filter Coffee brew bags are all made for South Indian coffee lovers. Our specially crafted range of South Indian coffee is nothing like you’ve ever had before and will leave you wanting more.

Let’s dive deeper into our range of South Indian filter coffee. What we have for you here is the ultimate guide to South Indian filter coffee where you’ll find everything you need to know about our range of filter coffee, how to make it, what it contains and what the different options taste like.

Filter Kaapi
Let’s start with the easiest one! Our Filter Kaapi is authentic, has a nutty-bold taste, and is a premium instant coffee that can be made in no time. As we like to say, it’s undeniably Kaapi and unbelievably easy.

How to make South Indian Filter Kaapi at home:

  1. Add spoonfuls of the Filter Kaapi in a glass or mug. You can add as much as you want depending on how strong you want the coffee to be.

  2. Add hot water to the glass or mug.

  3. Add sugar, if you want it sweet, although it’s completely optional.

  4. Warm some milk and add it to the mix.

  5. Pour the filter Kaapi back and forth using another glass or mug to make it just the right amount of frothy.

  6. Take in the intoxicating aroma and enjoy the satisfying taste, one sip at a time.

Watch this video to see what the super easy process looks like: Making Filter Kaapi

The Filter Kaapi comes in an airtight aluminium sealed container which makes it easy to store and keeps it fresh for as long as 18 months. This instant filter coffee is made of 70% robusta and 30% chicory beans, and gives you 50 satisfying cups. We suggest getting our Dabara tumbler to enhance your filter Kaapi experience at home.

Filter Coffee Powder

The ground coffee is directly sourced from plantations in Karnataka and is a more traditional South Indian filter coffee with a nutty and bold blend of 85% robusta and 15% chicory beans. It doesn’t dissolve in water and requires proper equipment for the best brewing process.

How to make traditional South Indian filter coffee at home:

  1. Add a spoon of the filter coffee powder in a filter coffee brewer.

  2. Add hot water and let it brew for 10 minutes.

  3. Pour the concentrate in a glass.

  4. Add milk to the concentrate and pour the mix back and forth to make it frothy.

  5. Savour the traditional taste and flavour.

Watch this video to see the traditional process: Making Traditional Filter Coffee

You can buy our Filter Coffee Kit to make the perfect cup of traditional filter coffee from the comfort of your home. It has everything you need including a bag of Filter Coffee Powder which is carefully sealed for freshness along with a filter coffee brewer, Dabara tumbler and a spoon, all of which are crafted with pure brass. This filter coffee kit will take your at-home filter coffee experience up a notch. You can find it here: Filter Coffee Kit

South Indian Filter Coffee

It comes in the form of brew bags that can be made without any equipment. All you need is hot water and milk to enjoy a gratifying cup of South Indian filter coffee at home. Each bag brews one cup and has zero preservatives.

We have three distinct flavours for you to choose from, these include Classic Kaapi along with Madras Blend and Deccan Express that make a more authentic addition to our range. Classic Kaapi is a strong blend of 85% robusta and 15% chicory beans, and makes a strong concentrate. Madras Blend is nuttier, bolder and has 80% robusta and 20% chicory beans. Deccan Express has a velvety smooth taste with 70% robusta and 30% chicory beans.

How to make South Indian Filter Coffee at home:

  1. Boil some water, and heat some milk.

  2. Dip a South Indian Filter Coffee brew bag in hot water a few times and let it brew for about 7 minutes.

  3. Add hot milk to the concentrate.

  4. Froth the coffee by pouring it into another cup and repeat that a few times.

  5. And voila, your rich, smooth and bold cup of South Indian Filter Coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

Watch this video to see how easy it can be to make true South Indian Filter Coffee at home: Making South Indian Filter Coffee

We at Sleepy Owl truly want you to enjoy your favourite kind of coffee, without leaving your home. You can make a cup of the best filter coffee, right there in your kitchen without any hassle. So if you’re looking for South Indian filter coffee online, you have come to the right place. Explore and shop all our South Indian Filter Coffees along with the equipments that goes with them here: All Things Filter Coffee