How Filter Coffee Is Good For Your Heart Health

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How Filter Coffee Is Good For Your Heart Health

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sometimes called pour over or drip, filter coffee is a popular way to brew and enjoy coffee world over. Here in India, when we think of filter coffee, we immediately think of a delicious frothy cup of South Indian coffee. A coffee so hearty, that it actually turns out to be good for your heart!

Like the name suggests, filter coffee filters out all things bad and gives you a good cup of indulgent coffee. Filter coffee, when brewed, draws less acidity from the concentrate which ends up enhancing the true flavours of the coffee blend. It is known to be very good for the heart by having multiple beneficial properties that help improve your heart health, one sip at a time.

When it comes to matters of the heart and coffee, we are very serious.

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Sleepy Owl brings to you authentic South Indian filter coffee that can be effortlessly made at home. Our filter coffee is made with a blend of robusta and chicory beans, both of which have special benefits of their own.

There are studies that have shown results which conclude that when compared to other coffees, filter coffee is much healthier for the heart. Like we were saying before, filtered coffee filters out certain harmful substances that increase blood cholesterol levels. The chicory present in filter coffee also helps reduce your blood sugar levels, which further helps with diabetic concerns, keeping your heart healthy and your taste buds happy.

Being a rich source of antioxidants, filter coffee can help with many heart problems. One major study in the Norwegian Department of Public Health showed incredible results wherein filtered coffee, when compared to other types of coffees turned out to produce a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease or a stroke.

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All in all consuming filter coffee means less cholesterol intake due to the fact that it filters out certain oils that are harmful and increase cholesterol. Sometimes, unfiltered coffee can cause palpitations along with giving you a much needed burst of energy, but once again this happens due to rising cholesterol which can have an eventual impact on your heart’s health. The shift to filter coffee, according to certain coffee connoisseurs, can still give you that energy but without causing heart problems. Filter coffee seems to have less fatty lipid-raising substances as an additional benefit.

Are you tempted to add filter coffee to your daily routine yet? If yes, then we have exactly what you need. Let’s talk about our range of filter coffee.

Filter Coffee Powder

It specially comes all the way from select plantations in South India and is delivered straight to your home so you can make authentic filter coffee in your own kitchen, without any hassle. The filter coffee powder is a blend of 85% robusta and 15% chicory beans and has to be made traditionally with specific equipment because it doesn’t simply dissolve in water. But we have got that covered for you. You can find all the equipment you need in our Filter Coffee Kit, which includes our filter coffee powder that comes in a fine grind along with a filter coffee brewer, Dabara tumbler and a teaspoon all of which is crafted in pure brass for you to have the most authentic experience sitting at home.

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Filter Kaapi

Firstly, let’s just say it’s beyond incredible and extremely hassle free. The Filter Kaapi is an instant coffee that gives you an authentic cup of delicious filter coffee in no time. With a tempting nutty-bold taste and a velvety-smooth feel that will leave you wanting more, our instant filter coffee will surely leave you satisfied. The perfect blend of 70% robusta and 30% chicory beans easily dissolves in hot or cold water or milk, depending on your preference. It’s undeniably Kaapi and unbelievably easy.

Filter Coffee Brew Bags

The much loved filter coffee hot brews are a decadent blend of 85% robusta and 15% chicory beans and come in the form of convenient brew bags with three enticing flavours. The Classic Kaapi is exactly what it sounds like and brews a strong cup every time. The Madras Blend, on the other hand, brews a more nutty and bold cup and the Deccan Express flavour has a velvety-smooth taste which is a must try. The process of making this filter coffee is simple, all you have to do is soak the brew bag in hot water for seven minutes and get ready to taste heaven. You can then add hot milk (and sugar) depending on how you like your coffee and pour the coffee back and forth between two cups to make it frothy and ready to drink.

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We’re on a mission to bring you only the best coffee, without leaving your home. You can order our range of filter coffee online and just enjoy the experience with maximum comfort.

We read a quote recently that really spoke to us. It goes like, “Coffee is just a name. Filter Kaapi is an emotion.” Now if you’ve tried our authentic South Indian filter Kaapi then you’ll know this feeling too. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

While coffee can be ONE of the things that helps heal a broken heart, filter coffee is scientifically known to be good for your heart in general. So, add it to your routine already! Explore our entire range of filter coffee and order it online now.