Ultimate Coffee Gear Kit

Ultimate Coffee Gear Kit

Triple the fun, zero the regrets! The Stainless Steel Frother frothes like a pro and comes with a convenient single-use button and a stand. The durable, BPA-free Tumbler keeps your coffee cold (or hot!). Our Built-For-Life Travel Mug is 100% spill-proof, keeps brew piping hot (or icy cold) for 6 hours. This combo is a must-have to level up your coffee game!


  • Froths cold & hot milk




This Combo Contains

Iconic Tumbler
Powerfull Frother
Built to last Travel Mug
Tax included.
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Ultimate Coffee Gear Kit

Iconic Stylish Design

Now you can tell you're a coffee person without telling you're a coffee person ;)


Its power makes sure that your coffee is as frothy as you'd like.Tip: you can use it to froth other stuff as well!

Customers Often Ask—
  • Is the Tumbler made of plastic?

    The Tumbler is made from a durable, food-grade, BPA-free polymer. It is not single-use plastic.

  • Can I pour hot liquids in the Tumbler?

    We've designed the Tumbler for Cold Brew, and don't advise using it for hot liquids.

  • Will my coffee spill if I’m on-the-go?

    The Travel mug comes with a tight rubber seal, which keeps your coffee secure.

  • How long do the contents in the travel mug stay warm for?

    The travel mug will keep its contents hot/cold for upto 6 hours.

  • Does the Frother come with batteries?

    No it does not, you will have to add 2 AA batteries to the Frother before using it.

  • Does the Frother come with a stand?

    Yes, the Frother comes with the stand.

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