French Vanilla Ground Coffee & Beans
Ground Coffee

French Vanilla Ground Coffee & Beans

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Ground Coffee & Beans

The sweet and aromatic flavour notes of vanilla meet our 100% Arabica beans in this ground coffee. The variety of grinds available in this french vanilla don’t dissolve in water and can be brewed using specific equipment, depending on the type of grind you choose. It’s sourced from the best plantations and perfectly sealed, helping it stay fresh for long.

  • 100% Arabica coffee

  • 250gm per bag

  • Sealed for freshness

  • Equipment Required

Grind Guide
Grind Size
Grind Guide
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Great coffee made from the right beans

We source our coffee only from the best farms in Chikmagalur. The beans are rated grade-A, a rating reserved for the top 2% of all Arabica coffee.

Sourced With Care

The beans come from top Indian plantations

Exact Roast

The right roast brings out a nice chocolatey flavour

Freshness Locked-in

Sealed airtight immediately after roasting

Customers Often Ask—
  • What are the different grinds of coffee available?

    We have three types - Coarse, Medium and Fine Grind Coffee. You can refer to our Grind Guide to select what works for your equipment. In addition to these grinds, we also have whole beans.

  • Is your fine grind coffee the same as instant coffee?

    No, the fine grind coffee is not instant coffee powder and has to be brewed in an Espresso machine or Moka Pot.

  • Why does it not dissolve in water or milk when boiled?

    Our ground coffee is not instant coffee, and will not dissolve in water or milk directly. We recommend using coffee equipment associated with the grind size to brew your coffee.

  • How long does the coffee stay fresh for? How can I store it?

    The shelf life of our coffee is 12 months. Once roasted and ground, the bags are sealed immediately to retain the freshness. The packaging has a one way valve that doesn't let in any oxygen, so the coffee stays fresh. You can even keep the coffee in its original packaging without using another jar/container to store it.

  • How much caffeine does your ground coffee have?

    Generally, the caffeine content is 80mg per 10 gms of dry coffee. The method you use to brew yours will determine the approximate caffeine content. For example, a cup of French Press coffee can range anywhere between 80-130mg per cup.

  • What is the shelf life of your Ground Coffee?

    Our Ground Coffee has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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