Cold Brew, Hot Brew & Enamel Mug Assorted

  • Assorted is a collection of our five most popular flavours in one convenient box. Try them all!

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what makes it special
Our signature chocolatey flavour
comes from great beans.

Sourced with care

We use Arabica coffee that’s rated Grade-A

Sourced with care

We use Arabica coffee that’s rated Grade-A

Sourced with care

We use Arabica coffee that’s rated Grade-A

Customers Often Ask—
  • What does this Gift Box contain?

    This Gift Box is a great choice for coffee lovers. It has the following products:

    1 x Set of 5 Cold Brew Packs (Flavour of your choice)

    1 x Set of 10 Hot Brew Bags (Flavour of your choice)

    1 x Enamel Mug (Green/Blue)

  • How is Cold Brew different from regular coffee? How do I make it?

    Cold Brew is designed to be brewed with cold water over 18-20 hours. Since it’s never exposed to heat, the coffee doesn’t contain any bitter flavours—it’s naturally sweet.

    To make your Cold Brew, place 1 Brew Pack in a jar and add 500ml cold/room temperature water. Let steep for 12 - 24 hours. The longer you brew, the stronger it gets. Once done, remove the Brew Pack and discard it. Pour your Cold Brew concentrate over ice and enjoy it black. Add a dash of milk if that's what you prefer. It tastes great either way!

  • Do we need any equipment to brew the coffee?

    Absolutely not! With the Cold Brew Packs and Hot Brew Bags, you can make your coffee with just some water and a jar/mug. It's super simple!

  • Is the Enamel mug microwave and dishwasher safe?

    The Enamel mug is made of stainless steel and cannot be used in a microwave or dishwasher.

  • Will the mug break if it falls?

    The Enamel Mug is sturdy and durable if handled with care. While it may not shatter into pieces if dropped, it will definitely develop cracks on the inside and start to deteriorate as a result.

  • How do the Hot Brew Bags work?

    The Hot Brew Bags have been inspired by Tea Bags. Place 1 Brew Bag in a cup. Pour 200ml of piping hot water over the bag. Dunk the bag a couple of times to allow the coffee to brew into the water. Let it brew for 5-7 minutes! Enjoy it black or with a dash of milk!

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