Benefits of Drinking Hazelnut Coffee

However, these benefits are not just related to your health but also consider other interesting factors and will make you go ‘nuts’.

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Here are some of our hazelnut coffee recipes that you can try at home:

Benefits of Drinking Hazelnut Coffee Benefits of Drinking Hazelnut Coffee

Benefits Of Drinking Hazelnut Coffee

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Nutty, bold, sweet and oh-so-delicious! When it comes to flavoured coffee, there’s nothing like a rejuvenating cup or glass of hazelnut coffee. Whether you have it hot, or enjoy it cold, the flavour never disappoints. Hazelnut is one of the ideal flavours to combine with coffee. The nutty tones of hazelnut enhance the aroma of the coffee and add a subtle sweetness to the blend. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Sleepy Owl has a variety of hazelnut coffees for you to try from. We have premium instant hazelnut coffee, hazelnut ground coffee, hazelnut cold brew coffee, hazelnut hot brew coffee and ready to drink hazelnut coffees. Basically, we have something for everyone!

Let’s talk about how hazelnut coffee benefits you. Since hazelnut coffee has become super popular in recent times, certain studies have found some impressive health benefits and if you’re someone who wants to start their morning on a healthy note but don’t want to give up on your morning coffee, then making a switch to hazelnut coffee might seem like the right move to make.

However, these benefits are not just related to your health but also consider other interesting factors and will make you go ‘nuts’.

  1. Hazelnut coffee is delicious.

    Not to state the obvious but the fact that hazelnut coffee is extremely delicious is a huge benefit. Not only will it be a treat for your taste buds, it will please all your senses with each sip you take.

  2. Hazelnut coffee can help strengthen your bones and reduce joint pain.

    Experts say that a single ounce of hazelnuts contain up to 87% of manganese, an essential mineral which aids in bone strengthening and reducing joint pain.

  3. Hazelnut coffee can be enjoyed hot as well as cold.

    Find yourself a coffee that can do it both, and do it well.

  4. Hazelnut coffee can help prevent UTIs.

    Hazelnuts are packed with several plant compounds that can reduce the risk of contracting UTIs and blood clotting. You know what that means? Our Hazelnut coffee can be your perfect road trip companion, and we have just the right travel kit for you!

  5. Hazelnut coffee can help aid weight loss.

    We can all use a little extra help when it comes to losing weight. Some studies state that hazelnuts are packed with protein, and having two cups of hazelnut coffee can keep you full for a longer time which will reduce unnecessary snacking and overeating.

  6. Hazelnut coffee can be good for your heart.

    Hazelnuts can help control your cholesterol and also improve blood levels and oxygen because they are packed with magnesium and omega 9 fatty acids. So, drinking hazelnut coffee has a plus, plus and PLUS.

  7. Hazelnut coffee is easily available and easily made.

    If you’re looking for good hazelnut coffee, you don’t need to look any further. We have an entire range available for you to try at home. The added benefit is that our hazelnut coffee is made with carefully sourced, 100% Arabica coffee.

  8. Hazelnut coffee can provide you with ample nutrients and antioxidants.

  9. Hazelnut coffee can be great for your skin.

    Who doesn’t love indulging in skin care! Hazelnuts contain vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C, all of which can help prevent and delay your skin’s ageing process by fighting fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin E also hydrates and moisturises the skin, which makes it smooth, glowing and soft.

Premium Instant Coffee Kit - Hazelnut Premium Instant Coffee Kit - Hazelnut

Impressive isn’t it? Now let us take you through our wide and soul soothing range of hazelnut coffee.

  • Hazelnut Ground Coffee

Our Hazelnut Ground Coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee that’s seamlessly blended with hazelnuts. It has a unique flavour that’s nutty, smooth and has a natural sweetness. We have three types of grinds available - coarse, medium and fine. The hazelnut ground coffee doesn’t dissolve in water so we recommend using coffee equipment that suits your grind size. The hazelnut ground coffee has a shelf life of 12 months. You can also order our French Press and hazelnut ground coffee combo to enjoy something different at home.

  • Hazelnut Instant Coffee

Our quick and delicious instant hazelnut coffee is made with 100% Arabica soluble crystals and microground of fresh roasted coffee. It’s ready within seconds, all you need to do is add hot water or milk and mix it. It has zero sugar or substitutes and comes in an airtight aluminium sealed container that makes it easy to store and keeps it fresh for 18 whole months. Oh and, it can also be enjoyed cold!

  • Hazelnut Cold Coffee

We have the ultimate hazelnut flavoured cold coffee that is thicker, bolder and creamier, and comes in a can. It’s ready to drink and meant to be enjoyed chilled to beat the summer heat. The cans stay fresh for up to six months.

While the cans are