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Cold Brew Coffee

Made with our signature cold brew. This ready to drink iced coffee has a strong coffee flavour, with milk and (a little) sugar. 200 ml/bottle.

Ships in a 📦 with no breakage.

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And nothing else.

The Brew Box contains no sugar, no preservatives and no added flavours. It’s pure black coffee. It’s all good.

100% Coffee

0% Additives

Delivered Fresh

Our coffee is brewed daily, over twenty-two hours, in cold water. And it’s delivered the same day—fresh!

Triple Filtered

We filter the cold brew through three very fine meshes. This gets rid of even the tiniest of impurities.

Ready to drink

Sleepy Owl is naturally smooth black coffee—right out of the box. It packs a punch, without being bitter.

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Hot or cold.

Your cold brew is endlessly customizable. Pour it over ice, add milk, or have it straight. Like your cold brew hot? Heat it up! Whatever you make of it, it just works.

Ten cups. Fresh for a month.

Your brew stays fresh for a month in the fridge. That’s up to ten cups of fresh coffee always on tap.

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