The Best of Hot Brew + Mug
Hot Brew

The Best of Hot Brew + Mug

The best combination for Hot Brew lovers. Here we offer our best Hot Brew flavours- Original, Dark Roast, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and an Assorted Box along with a handcrafted blue Ceramic Mug. Our Hot Brews come in the form of brew bags and are made with 100% arabica beans. Enjoy a delicious treat in your new favourite coffee mug with this combo.

  • from chikmagalur

  • 100% Arabica

  • 1 cup per bag

  • No Preservatives

  • Ships Tomorrow

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Flavoured Hot Brew Coffee
what makes it special
Our signature chocolatey flavour
comes from great beans.

Sourced with care

We use Arabica coffee that’s rated Grade-A

An exact roast

The right roast enhances the flavours you want

Delivered fresh

Ground just right and immediately sealed

Customers Often Ask—
  • How long do I need to brew the coffee for?

    You need to brew your coffee for a minimum of 5 minutes. If you like your coffee stronger, you can brew it for longer.

  • How many cups of coffee can be brewed from one bag?

    Each Brew Bag makes one solid cup of coffee!

  • What is the caffeine content in your Hot Brew Bags?

    Our Hot Brew Bags have approximately 105 mg caffeine per bag.

  • Can we reuse the bags once already used?

    Our Brew Bags are designed to make one solid cup of coffee. We don’t recommend using these again.

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