Sleepy Owl ventures into branded enamel mugs

What is enamelware and how it’s made:

Advantages of enamel mugs:

1. Durable and shatterproof

2. Fine finish and vibrant colours

3. Lightweight

4. Direct Heating

5. Dishwasher Safe

6. Versatile

The best ways to care for your enamel mugs:

How to clean and tend to your enamel mug:

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Why you should switch to Enamel Mugs right now

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Enamel mugs have seen a journey from being known for their utility to being an everyday chic item in kitchens. They gained popularity during the First World War after several holloware manufacturers went into government contracts for supplies for the armed services. They were ideal for the military- and outdoor use - due to their lightweight and unbreakable structure. But they weren’t without their flaws.

Despite its popularity, the pros and cons are still a part of the discourse on enamel mugs. However, their superior quality compared to the other available options overlooked its cons. It is an undeniable fact that the conductivity of the metal leads to the mug heating quickly. In short, you can burn both your lips and fingers if holding the cup with a hot drink. But it also became stone-cold within minutes. If that wasn’t enough, the enamel chipped like glass.

Sleepy Owl ventures into branded enamel mugs

After setting a strong foundation in the coffee industry with our Hot and Cold Brews, we decided to introduce branded merchandise. Coffee mugs were the ‘but obvious’ option yet still too generic to venture into. A little research and trials led to the decision of introducing branded enamel mugs that were vibrant and functional.

Best Enamel Coffee Mugs Sleepy Owl Enamel Mugs

Rather than following a trend, we decided to take a risk with a classic. Now our blue and green enamel mugs are almost sold out every time they are restocked.

What is enamelware and how it’s made

The process of welding and moulding steel sheets into various utensils has been simplified over the years. A quick sum-up of the process is that a mug form is pressed out of a sheet of steel, which is then dipped in the liquid enamel and fired in a kiln. The interesting part here is the enamel coating, which essentially protects the Sleepy Owl Enamel Mugs from rusting and corrosion. 

Enamel is a material produced by fusing powdered glass onto a substrate and is fired with additive pigments. Apart from protection from rusting, coating steel elements with enamel gives the ware a pleasing aesthetic, and guarantees health and safety when enamelware is used in the kitchen. Its durability is the consequence of firing the substance at high temperatures (about 850°C). 

Sleepy Owl Enamel Mugs Sleepy Owl Enamel Mugs

Advantages of enamel mugs

Sleepy Owl has designed their Enamel Mugs to last and below are a few advantages of choosing one right now:

Durable and Shatterproof
Enamel mugs are long-lasting as they are hard to crack or break. Firing the mug at high temperatures makes it durable while also making it suitable for use on any cooker (including induction hobs). If you accidentally drop your Enamel Mug, don't worry, there is no severe damage apart from the possible chipping of the enamel finish. 

Fine finish and Vibrant Colours
Our Enamel Mugs are made of stainless steel dipped in liquid enamel and fired under high temperatures in a hearth. The enamel glaze offers a glossy finish and coats the sturdy steel mugs with vibrant paint. The finish further helps transfer heat throughout the mug’s surface.

Light weight
Our mugs are very light as compared to ceramics or glass mugs. They are perfect for treks, hiking, camping, and carrying it on the go.

Direct Heating
Enamel mugs are not microwave friendly but they are designed in a way that they can over a fire for short periods without damaging the structure or finish of the cup. Use it on induction cookers, gas stoves, campfires, or fire pits. However, they may become sooty but it should be easy to clean and not hamper their usage. 

So in times of need, you can heat up coffee or water (for your coffee) directly in your mug by holding it over a fire. Want to heat your Cold Brew? No problem! Your trusty enamel mug is to the rescue. Be cautious still, since enamel mugs get too hot and are advised to be handled with gloves in such situations.

Dishwasher Safe
Enamel coffee mugs are dishwasher safe. Yet one must ensure some space between the mugs to prevent them from banging against each other and chipping. If sceptical, then stick to washing them by hand since they are easy to clean.

You can enjoy any and all kinds of drinks in your enamel mug. You could even have it hot or cold, without a worry!

Blue Enamel Coffee Mug Blue Enamel Coffee Mug

The best ways to care for your enamel mugs

1. Tea, coffee and food can stain the inner enamel coating. It is only natural and hence shouldn’t be a concern.

2. Our Stainless Enamel Mugs can survive a lot, but if subjected to great pressure, they will break (just like glass). 

3. Don’t throw or drop your mugs on purpose, especially on a hard surface. 

4. Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads or gritty soap powders that will leave scratches or chip the enamel.

5. Do not put it in a microwave, unless you wish to see fireworks.

6. Enamelware is made of steel and conducts heat better than other mugs or cups. So be careful when sipping anything hot because the mug might get surprisingly hot. 

7. Do not use vinaigrette for cleaning, since it might change the colour of enamel.

8. Dry the enamel mugs thoroughly after washing to prevent rust on the chipped areas.

9. Do not heat empty enamel mugs as the coating will be damaged.

How to Clean Enamel Mug How to Clean Enamel Mug

How to clean and tend to your enamel mug

Drinking coffee or tea in your Sleepy Owl Enamel Mugs can leave stains. Even the blackened residue from heating on a stove can also stain the outer walls. To remove the soot and coffee stains from enamelware you can use the traditional ways of cleaning enamelware.

While you can use liquid soap and a sponge to clean your mugs, sometimes it takes a bit more effort to get rid of stubborn stains. In such scenarios, squeeze some lemon juice into the mug. Add 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda and stir it together into a paste. Spread the fizzing paste to the stains. You can use a nylon brush or sponge to apply the baking soda. Leave the paste on for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off under fresh water with a soft sponge or cloth. Rinse and dry the mug. This should help lighten the pigments. 

Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee with Sleepy Owl

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