Sleepy Owl - Best Flavoured Instant Coffee Brand Sleepy Owl - Best Flavoured Instant Coffee Brand

Top 5 Best Flavoured Instant Coffee in India

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

“We live in a world of instant gratification, the world of the quick fix.”

Enter instant coffee – the perfect blend of a quick fix and instant gratification served hot or cold, as per your liking, any time! While some prefer their coffee teasing and brewing, others prefer it flavoured and quick. After all, your choice of coffee is as personal as it gets! Nothing short of a morning ritual, coffee lovers love the pleasure of being able to customise their cup of energy and freshness. With flavoured instant coffee, this much-needed customisation comes as a bonus!

So, take a look at the top 5 best flavoured instant coffee in India to buy from the country’s home-grown coffee brand, Sleepy Owl.

Flavoured instant coffee in India Flavoured instant coffee in India

5 Best Flavoured Instant Coffees to Savour

Do you prefer your instant coffee hot or served cold over ice and spiced up? Or does your coffee choice depend largely on your mood? Well, take your pick from these flavoured instant coffee mixes and save time without compromising on the taste.

1. Sleepy Owl’s Original Instant Coffee

Yes, it’s technically not flavoured. However, the flavour of real good coffee should simply be acknowledged in its own right. You are sure to obsess over this instant coffee made with 100% Arabica soluble crystals and freshly roasted coffee grounds.

This coffee comes with Sleepy Owl’s signature microground technology that helps preserve the genuine aroma of fresh coffee and offers you a rich brew in just a few seconds. Moreover, it is completely free from additives and substitutes. Try it in the form of an instant latte or cold coffee.

For a cup of instant latte, all you have to do is add combine about 100ml of hot milk and 1 teaspoon of the Original Instant coffee and allow it to froth. For the cold brew, just replace hot milk with the same amount of cold milk and blend till the mixture becomes extra frothy. That’s all really, for a delicious cup of one of the best instant coffee..

Original Instant Coffee Original Instant Coffee

2. Sleepy Owl’s French Vanilla Instant Coffee

This instant coffee is perfect for those who fancy a mild and classic flavour to their instant coffee musings. Similar to other coffee products in the instant coffee range, Sleep Owl makes the French Vanilla flavoured instant coffee with its signature microground technology and 100% Arabica soluble crystals. This, too, is free from any added preservatives or additives. You get to enjoy delicious French Vanilla flavoured coffee, hot or cold, as per your liking!

Undoubtedly a must-have for your late-night study session or early morning rush, this coffee is much more than your regular vanilla coffee. Oh no, this is perfection blended, ground, packaged, and delivered right to a coffee lover’s heart!

French Vanilla Instant Coffee French Vanilla Instant Coffee

3. Sleepy Owl’s Hazelnut Instant Coffee

Let’s take it up a notch with the distinct and unbeatable taste and rich aroma of instant hazelnut coffee. If you are a coffee lover by religion (or not!), this is one instant coffee variant you absolutely cannot miss out on! With the decadent nutty flavour blended in the coffee extracts, you are bound to fall in love, and hard. You can have it in the form of a hot brew, hot latte, cold frappe, or just your regular black coffee and let the aroma and flavour profile mesmerise you like never before.

Hazelnut Instant Coffee Hazelnut Instant Coffee

4. Premium Instant Coffee Combo Pack

Do you know what’s more luxurious than money? The privilege of choices, and that’s exactly what you get with Sleepy Owl’s Premium Instant Coffee Combo Pack. With this combo, you get all three flavoured instant coffee options – Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Choose from these three mesmerising flavours as per your liking, and enjoy a cup of unabashed happiness any time, every day!

Premium Instant coffee combo Premium Instant coffee combo

5. Premium Instant Filter Coffee

Another instant coffee winner which might not be flavoured in the true sense of the term, the Sleepy Owl instant filter coffee does splurge the rich taste of South India. With this, you will get the flavour of authentic South Indian Kaapi right at the comfort of your home. Similar to the hazelnut instant coffee variants, this one, too, has a distinct nutty taste enough to die and wage wars for. The nutty taste of this instant coffee is a result of the perfect blend of 70% Robusta and 30% Chicory.

All these flavoured instant coffee products come with an airtight aluminium seal, thereby ensuring your coffee is delivered to you as fresh as it started out. Also, some of the best coffee bean varieties are used for the manufacture of these flavoured instant coffees. For instance, Arabica is the most widely used coffee variant. It makes up close to 60% of the world's coffee production. The primary reason behind its popularity is that coffee lovers prefer its sweet flavour notes, similar to that of nuts, chocolates, fruit, and caramel. On the other hand, Robusta is known for its earthy and bitter flavour notes, very similar to that of smoke, and peppers.

Premium Instant Filter Coffee Premium Instant Filter Coffee

Tips to Choose the Best Flavoured Instant Coffee for You

Besides knowing the top 5 best flavoured instant coffee options explored above, you should also be aware of how to judge a real good coffee. Follow these easy tips.

  • Try to go for an instant coffee that has been made with 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Settle for a coffee that has been freeze dried as this process preserves the flavour of the coffee better than spray drying.
  • Give importance to the packaging of the coffee as that has got a lot to do with locking the flavour.
  • Choose quality over prices when it comes to a cup of good instant coffee mix!
  • Choose a coffee brand that’s transparent in its processes and uses genuine and high-quality ingredients.

So, what’s the hold-up?

Order your preferred flavoured instant coffee and get brewing! If you are not sure which flavour you like and are up for an adventure, go for the combo pack and find your taste!