Surprising Instant Coffee Facts That You Must Know

Health Benefits of Instant Coffee Health Benefits of Instant Coffee

Surprising Instant Coffee Facts That You Must Know

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

We live in a world where we need instant gratification, have busy schedules and are constantly searching for convenience. It is in times like these that we feel like you must take a beat and stop to smell the ‘coffee’, and trust us, it won’t take too much time away from your daily routine.

What’s convenient, provides instant gratification and can seamlessly fit in your busy schedule? Yes, you guessed it right, we're talking about the one and only - instant coffee! Coffee that, as the name suggests, is made instantly, easily and tastes just as good as regular coffee, if not better, at times. You need something to keep up with your busy lifestyle, and instant coffee is just that thing.

Sleepy Owl’s Premium Instant Coffee comes in different flavours that can be easily made in your kitchen, without using any extra equipment. It’s nothing like you’ve ever had before when it comes to carefully sourced Indian instant coffee.

We have some surprising instant coffee facts for you.

They are intriguing, fascinating and will make you love instant coffee even more than you do now.

Caffeine found in instant coffee is less than that found in regular coffee.

It gives you enough of an energy boost, but health wise, this is a huge plus. Instant coffee is everything you need and want from a cup of coffee.

Instant coffee contains more amounts of certain antioxidants as compared to other coffees.

Instant coffee is packed with nutrients and antioxidants but according to some studies there are certain types of antioxidants that it has more of. Hard to ignore such a huge benefit of having instant coffee, right?

One standard cup of instant coffee has as little as 7 calories in it.

This just keeps getting better. If you’re someone who counts calories, well here’s a number that won’t hurt or make you feel guilty. You can just indulge in a cup (or cups) of instant coffee stress-free.

Instant coffee has a lot of health benefits, much like regular coffee.

Just because it’s instant, doesn’t mean it comes without its health benefits. Research says that instant coffee can help boost your metabolic rate, be good for your mental health, enhance the functions of your brain and reduce the risk of diabetes, just to name a few.

Instant coffee can be used in many recipes.

Because instant coffee comes in a powdered form, it can be added in many recipes, both sweet and savoury. Whether it’s desserts and sweet dishes like cake, cupcakes, pancakes, tiramisu or even savoury items like ribs and vinaigrette, all of these have recipes that include coffee which helps enhance the flavour. It’s also so convenient for when you’re making or baking something at home.

Instant Coffee benefits Instant Coffee benefits

Here are some tried and tested recipes using our Premium Instant Coffees that you can easily try at home:

Nutella Latte
Whipped Coffee
Ginspresso Martini
Coffee Ice Cream
Coconut Affogato
Vanilla Latte

  • Instant coffee has existed for almost 250 years

It was first made back in 1771 but gained proper popularity much later.

  • Instant coffee makes for 13% of coffee consumed worldwide.

While this number might seem small, some research claims that instant coffee may even account for more than 50% of coffee consumption in certain countries. And seeing how much people are leaning towards instant coffee more, this number only seems to be growing.

  • Instant coffee is the most pocket friendly version of coffee.

Now this might sound obvious but the fact that instant coffee itself is more affordable and also that it doesn’t require any additional equipment like a brewer, French press etc. to prepare it, reduces the overall cost of consuming this coffee.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there’s more!

Instant Coffee Facts Instant Coffee Facts

Here are some fun facts about the Sleepy Owl Premium Instant Coffee that you need to know: