Reasons Why You Should Keep Instant Coffee In Your Kitchen

Here are some reasons why instant coffee should make its way to your kitchen shelf:

Instant coffee facts that will further persuade you to keep it in your kitchen:

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The Benefits Of Keeping Instant Coffee In Your Kitchen

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Are you someone who can’t start their day without coffee? Is the word ‘morning’ synonymous with the word ‘coffee’ for you? Us, too!

Life can often get too busy to take time out to take a break and enjoy the little things, like a cup of coffee. This is where instant coffee comes in. It’s easily soluble in water or milk, depending on your preference, and is the quickest solution for your daily caffeine dose. Not to mention, it tastes just as good as regular coffee.

We at Sleepy Owl bring to you 100% Arabica Premium Instant Coffee. It is made using microground technology, has absolutely no additives or substitutes and comes in an airtight aluminium sealed container to ensure its freshness. With a shelf life of 18 months, it’s the ideal choice for your kitchen.

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Here are some reasons why instant coffee should make its way to your kitchen shelf:

1. It's the easiest version of coffee to prepare and can be made using creative recipes.
When the morning bustle gets too much, instant coffee, as the name suggests, is the perfect way to get your daily caffeine fix. Being easily soluble, instant coffee has gradually become the go-to drink of the A.M. Apart from the regular ways of making instant coffee, one can get creative and try new ways to enjoy the flavour and rush. You can find some super simple Sleepy Owl instant coffee recipes that you can try at home, on our Instagram:

2. It’s easy to store and doesn’t need any extra accessories.
Many coffee drinkers and connoisseurs even in today’s day and age, use coffee machines, French presses, coffee grinders, aeropresses, foam machines, filters, frothers and so many more such accessories to make one perfect cup of coffee. While all this depends on people’s personal preferences and coffee drinking habits, they end up taking up more space, time and become a somewhat investment. Instant coffee, on the other hand, simply needs water or milk along with your favourite cup to drink from. It’s extremely low maintenance and a busy or lazy person’s best friend.

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3. It can be used in desserts too.
Being a powered version of coffee, instant coffee can be used to make interesting desserts at home. One can use instant coffee to bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies or brownies; make puddings, mousses and ice cream; use it as a topping on certain desserts and so much more. The flavoured instant coffee options available these days has made the process of using them in desserts that much more fun. For true coffee lovers, having coffee in any and every form is a treat.

4. It’s ideal for avid as well as novice coffee drinkers.
If your home has different types of coffee drinkers, instant coffee is one thing that will suit all. The easy preparation requires no expertise, and yet it gives the wholesome feeling that coffee does. It’s an ideal and hassle-free option for consumption for your whole household.

5. It’s perfect for when working from home.
Whether it’s at the start of your day or an afternoon energiser, having instant coffee at home makes it easier and quicker for you to get your fix without wasting any time, especially if you have to make your coffee on your own. It’s all your need for that instant boost while working at home.

6. It can be had exactly the way you like it.
You can add as much powder as you need to make it as strong or as mild as you like, add water or milk, have it hot or cold - the choice is completely yours. Whether it’s winter or summer, whether it’s a rainy day or just a super early morning - instant coffee is quick, easy and hits the right spot.

We believe that there’s nothing like instant gratification and nothing says instant gratification like instant coffee!

Instant coffee facts that will further persuade you to keep it in your kitchen:

  1. Research claims that 13% of all coffee consumed worldwide is instant coffee and in some countries it may even account for more than 50% of the coffee consumption.

  2. Instant coffee has significantly lesser caffeine than regular coffee. While one cup of regular coffee can contain between 70 and 140 mg of caffeine, one cup of instant coffee, in comparison, can contain between 30 and 90 mg of caffeine. One cup of Sleepy Owl’s Premium Instant Coffee contains roughly 72 mg of caffeine.

  3. It’s the more pocket friendly version of coffee out there. When you think about the not just prices of other types of coffees but also the accessories needed to make them, instant coffee has an upper hand in being the affordable option.

  4. Instant coffee contains antioxidants and nutrients that are good for you. Some studies also say that it may contain more amounts of certain types of antioxidants as compared to other coffees.

  5. One standard cup of instant coffee is said to contain only 7 calories. Now, these are the kind of calories you can count and not feel bad about later.

  6. Similar to regular coffee, instant coffee has a variety of health benefits. It can help boost your metabolism, enhance your brain function, improve your mental health and decrease the risk of getting diabetes; to mention a few.

  7. It can be a good pre-workout drink. Consuming caffeine before a workout helps boost your energy and a cup of instant coffee can help you do just that.