How To Make Coffee From Coffee Powder At Home Without Using A Machine

Here are some ways of making our coffee powder at home:

Regular black coffee

Cold coffee

Instant Coffee Powder Instant Coffee Powder

How To Make Coffee From Coffee Powder At Home Without Using A Machine

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Coffee powder, which has also become a synonym for instant coffee powder is a widely popular way to consume coffee in today’s day and age. There also exists filter coffee powder and ground coffee powder (which does need a machine or a coffee maker to be made unlike instant coffee powder). But today when someone talks about coffee powder the first thing you think about is instant coffee powder.

It’s convenient, quick, easy and as delicious as any other type of coffee. It’s an especially popular option for at-home coffee. When you don’t have the proper equipment like a coffee maker or a coffee machine then instant coffee powder comes to the rescue. It gives a bold and rich cup of coffee within seconds and without any hassle. So if you ever make coffee without a machine or without any other type of coffee maker, the best thing to use is instant coffee powder.

Coffee powder requires no tools, no machines, no coffee makers, all it needs is hot water or cold water, milk, sugar or any other sweetener or creamer depending on your preference. With coffee powder you can make black coffee (hot and cold), a classic cold coffee with milk, try new and unique coffee recipes - all from the convenience of your kitchen. It’s hassle-free coffee to say the least and it does not compromise on taste and aroma at all. It has gradually become a popular choice worldwide for many coffee drinkers.

Coffee Powder at Home Coffee Powder at Home

Sleepy Owl brings to you a tempting range of Premium Instant Coffee, in four absolutely divine flavours. Each one is a must try and offers something different that will leave you wanting more. We have the Original flavour coffee powder, which is a classic and has its own natural chocolate flavour which comes from the freshly roasted beans. We have French Vanilla coffee powder which is an enticing blend of vanilla and coffee and is naturally sweet. We have Hazelnut coffee powder which is very popular for all the right reasons - it’s nutty, chocolatey and rich. Lastly, we have the most unique and tempting Filter Kaapi coffee powder, which gives you the experience of having an authentic cup of South Indian filter coffee at home.

Our instant coffee powder can be used to make a variety of coffees at home without using any tools, machines or coffee makers. There’s one thing that we always say about our instant coffee powder - you’ve had it, but nothing like it. You’ll have to try it to believe it and we’re sure you’ll feel the same. Our Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavours feature our signature 100% arabica coffee powder which is grade A and the reason behind our instant coffee powder’s popularity. We have handpicked arabica coffee beans and used micro ground technology to create an instant coffee powder so good, that it’s unlike any other.

Coffee Without Machine Coffee Without Machine

Here are some ways of making our coffee powder at home:

Regular black coffee
Nothing beats morning blues like a strong cup of black coffee. Our instant coffee powder, no matter what flavour you pick, has its own taste notes that don’t require you to add anything else. You can enjoy your black coffee hot or cold, depending on your choice. All you have to do is add our instant coffee powder to either hot or cold water and mix it up, because it instantly dissolves and gives you delicious coffee in seconds.

Making a latte at home has become a no brainer thanks to our instant coffee powder. Why go to a cafe when you can be your own barista and make cafe style lattes at home? The process is easy and the results are divine. You can simply add milk to our instant coffee powder in a closed lid jar and shake the coffee till it looks frothy. It’s a simple yet successful way to make a latte without any tools or machines. With our variety of flavours you can even make a delicious Vanilla latte or Hazelnut latte apart from a classic latte.

Filter coffee
Our Filter Kaapi coffee powder is truly exquisite. It has a blend of robusta and chicory coffee beans which adds to its authentic taste. With this coffee powder you’ll never need to go specially to a South Indian restaurant to enjoy traditional coffee, you can simply make it at home and in no time.

Click here to watch a video on how to make our instant filter coffee at home without any machine or coffee maker.

Cold coffee
A truly satisfying glass of cold coffee can’t be made with just any regular coffee powder. With our instant coffee powder you can not only make flavoured cold coffee but also cold coffee that will boost your mood as fast as it is made. Blend some cold milk with our instant coffee powder, you can even add ice while blending or add it later separately if you want. It’s really that simple.

Instant Coffee Powder Instant Coffee Powder

We also tried to be creative and experiment with different recipes using our instant coffee powder and we came up with more ways to make coffee without machines and without coffee makers. Here are a few of them for you to try:

Iced Cinnamon Latte
Coconut Affogato
Ginspresso Martini
Whipped Coffee
Kahlua Coffee Cocktail

Fun facts about our instant coffee powder:
It has zero preservatives, sugar and additives. The flavour is completely natural and it’s vegan.
It comes in an aluminium sealed airtight container.
1 gram of our instant coffee powder has 36 mg of caffeine.
It has 95% soluble crystals