Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

Tip 1: Know where the coffee beans come from.

Tip 2: When buying coffee beans, check the grind size.

Tip 3: Check if the flavoured coffee beans have preservatives or additives.

Tip 4: Make a note of the caffeine present in the coffee beans.

Tip 5: Never buy stale coffee beans.

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Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Coffee Beans

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

Give a coffee lover the right kind of coffee beans, and watch them take over the world!

When choosing coffee beans, what are some of the things that you take into consideration? Do you simply buy the first brand you come across, do you do any research or do you just go by word of mouth?

There are different types of coffee drinkers who have different coffee buying habits. Some are more meticulous than the others. When you buy coffee beans online or at a store to make delicious coffee at home, there are some things that you need to look into before you bring home coffee that you might not end up enjoying.

There are a variety of ground coffee beans and roasted coffee beans available in the market today. Having so many options can only make the coffee buying process more confusing. This is why we asked our in-house coffee expert to offer you some tips for choosing the right kind of coffee beans. Informed decisions are always better decisions.

Let’s go through these simple yet essential expert tips. First and foremost, when you buy coffee beans online or even at a store, it’s important that you buy from a brand that you trust.

Tip 1: Know where the coffee beans come from.
The coffee plantation where the coffee beans come from can make a huge difference in the quality and taste of the coffee you make. A coffee lover will never want to compromise on the taste and quality of the coffee they’re making at home, which is why knowing where the coffee beans are coming from is an important tip. Without checking the location of the coffee beans, you might end up with low grade beans which will not be satisfying.

Sleepy Owl coffee beans come from select plantations in South India. We bring to you grade-A 100% arabica beans along with robusta and chicory beans that elevate the taste of our coffee.

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Tip 2: When buying coffee beans, check the grind size.
Remember to check what grind you’re buying - whole coffee beans, medium grind, coarse grind, fine grind or instant coffee powder. Buy the grind that you either have equipment for or buy fine coffee powder that you will not be needing equipment or tools for. If you end up with a particular grind size and don’t have the required equipment or machinery to make the coffee, you’ll be stuck.

When you buy coffee online from Sleepy Owl, you’ll find a Grind Guide in our Ground Coffee section that will tell you what equipment or machinery you’ll need for each type of grind.

Tip 3: Check if the flavoured coffee beans have preservatives or additives.
Flavoured coffee beans have become all the rage. They are thoroughly enjoyed by avid as well as novice coffee drinkers. But where is this flavour truly coming from? Make sure to check that the flavoured coffee beans you’re buying only have natural flavours without any preservatives or additives. The blend of natural flavours like vanilla and hazelnuts in coffee tastes absolutely divine, and can taste completely artificial and overly sweet if they’re not naturally added.

Our entire range of coffee is preservative free and doesn’t have any additives. All the flavours that you taste in our coffee beans are completely natural, whether it’s sweet, chocolatey or nutty.

Tip 4: Make a note of the caffeine present in the coffee beans.
Caffeine is one of the main reasons we coffee drinkers love drinking coffee. It’s the energy boost we all need and we all love. But too much caffeine is also not good for you, so make sure you check the caffeine content in the coffee beans that you decide to buy. So you consume the right kind of coffee that suits you.

We have mentioned the caffeine content present in each of our coffees so you always know how much caffeine you’re consuming when you sip on your favourite Sleepy Owl coffee. Whether it’s our Ground Coffee, Premium Instant Coffee, Hot Brew & Cold Brew or ready to drink Cold Coffee and Iced Coffee, we have given the caffeine content for each type of coffee and each flavour as well.