A Peek Behind
The Curtain

How we make our creatives

It was a bright cold day in
December, and the clocks were
striking thirteen.

Over at Sleepy Owl HQ if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s good design executed quickly. Our secret is a well laid out process and, of course, our talented marketing team.

An important part of knowing what to do next is knowing what we’ve done. That’s where the social media calendar comes in. We look back at our various launches and when we talked about them last.

According to this trusty excel sheet, our enamel mugs were due for a comeback on the Instagram page. We had last mentioned them in August and come December our co-founder (and marketing whiz), Ashwajeet Singh knew that their creatives needed a makeover.

The eye of the beholder

The first stop on our journey is a corner in our office where our gifted photographer has carved out a photo studio. He and his camera are nomads—travelling from the marketing table to the conference room to even the pantry—setting up shop wherever there is space churning out brilliant photographs that bring our creatives to life.

With them you’ll often find the employee with the best manicure that day lending a hand (literally and figuratively), posing for shots and speaking into the camera when required.

Off to the chopping block

Once the shoot is done, the photographer and graphic designer huddle around a screen, parsing through hundreds of pictures and selecting the best options.

With the best shots iden