Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

Tip 1: Know where the coffee beans come from.

Tip 2: When buying coffee beans, check the grind size.

Tip 3: Check if the flavoured coffee beans have preservatives or additives.

Tip 4: Make a note of the caffeine present in the coffee beans.

Tip 5: Never buy stale coffee beans.

Coffee Hacks Coffee Hacks

7 Amazing Coffee Hacks You Must Try

By Sleepy Owl Coffee

What does a coffee lover’s morning at home look like? They wake up, make their favourite kind of coffee and drink it. It’s that simple but today we’re going to help make it simpler with some amazing coffee hacks.

No matter what form you consume it in, coffee is life. True coffee lovers don’t simply limit themselves to cafés and coffee shops but make delicious coffee at home. They experiment with coffee drinks using different recipes and ingredients to amp up their coffee game.

If you’re the type of coffee lover who loves hacks and trying new things then we have a treat for you. We’ve been doing some research on innovative ideas that can be used while making coffee at home. As you know, all we want is for our fellow coffee lovers to have the best experience of making coffee at home.

We’re listing down some amazing coffee hacks, tips and tricks that will make every coffee lover very happy to learn. They’re easy to remember and practice, and will help upgrade your coffee making, storing and drinking experience at home.

Coffee hack 1: Make coffee ice cubes.

Sleepy Owl Coffee Hacks Sleepy Owl Coffee Hacks

Iced coffee is not just a summer coffee drink, it’s enjoyed all year around and this coffee hack is especially fun to try at home. Instead of adding ice cubes made with water in your coffee drink, add ice cubes made with coffee. This way when the ice is melting in your drink, it’s not diluting the flavour with water but with more coffee! Now that’s a win-win situation.

Coffee hack 2: Don’t store your coffee beans or coffee powder in the freezer.

Storing your coffee beans or coffee powder in the freezer doesn’t guarantee its freshness. It only keeps the coffee cold. All you need to do is keep it away from sunlight, in a dry place and in an airtight container that won’t let any moisture enter your coffee.

Luckily for you, all our coffee comes in tightly sealed packaging that helps keep your coffee fresh till the end.

Coffee hack 3: Add salt to reduce the bitterness of the coffee beans.

This might sound like a strange thing to do, but trust us, it’s not. All you need is a tiny pinch of salt. The sodium in salt can help mask some of the bitter notes present in coffee. If you’re a coffee lover who wants to enjoy the authentic taste of coffee without the bitterness then this is the perfect coffee hack for you. With the bitterness gone you can truly enjoy the authentic flavour of your coffee without the need of adding sugar.

Coffee hack 4: Use baking soda to clean your coffee mugs.

Cup of Coffee Cup of Coffee

Coffee stains. It stains hard and that doesn’t make us love it any less. You can easily remove coffee stains from your coffee mugs by using a combination of baking soda, water and a sponge. No matter what type or colour of mug you use, this coffee hack will help you get rid of all the stains that coffee leaves, except the beautiful stain of love it leaves in our heart.

Coffee hack 5: Froth milk in a mason jar.

Coffee Milk Frother Coffee Milk Frother

If you don’t have a proper coffee or milk frother and are craving a latte or cappuccino made with frothed milk you can just add warm milk to a mason jar and shake it a few times. Once you start seeing the frothy result, add it to your coffee concentrate and you’re done. Frothed milk can be used to experiment with many coffee recipes at home including latte, cappuccino, frappuccino and more.

However, to make things even more easy we suggest getting our Frother. It’s convenient, stylish and durable.

Coffee hack 6: Don't reheat your coffee in the microwave.

By reheating your coffee in the microwave, it’s going to taste stale which defeats the purpose of having fresh coffee. What you can do instead is heat it on the stove on low heat, remember that the flame shouldn’t be high or else you’ll end up burning your coffee and your excitement of having that cup of coffee. The low heat will warm up your coffee and not affect the taste.

Coffee hack 7: Make an espresso or a latte using a French Press.

Coffee Hacks Coffee Hacks

You don’t need a fancy espresso machine to make a strong cup of espresso. You can very easily use a French Press to do the same at home and expect incredible results. Simply reduce the quantity of water you would usually use to make French Press coffee and add a little more coffee powder and you’ll surely get a smooth, rich and bold espresso in no time. For the latte, make your coffee concentrate how you normally would and to froth the milk, just heat some milk and pour it into the French Press. Move the plunger up and down a few times to get a rich frothy texture in no time.

And if you’re looking for a good French Press to do this, we have the perfect one! Our French Press is easy to use and makes delicious coffee in no time.

A coffee lover should never drink the same old cup of coffee everyday, but try something different and change things up constantly. We hope these coffee hacks have helped you learn something new that you will be trying very soon. No coffee lover should have nothing but the best when it comes to at-home coffee and some of these coffee hacks, tips and tricks are here to ensure that.

Happy experimenting and caffeinating.