Filter Instant Coffee Travel Kit

Filter Instant Coffee Travel Kit

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Enjoy Instant Filter Coffee on-the-go! The Instant Filter Coffee Travel Kit has our Premium Instant Filter Kaapi and our 480ml Travel Mug. The Travel Mug is made of stainless steel, is double walled and has a tight heat proof lid that not only keeps your coffee hot/cold but also keeps it inside, preventing spillage. 

  • ready in seconds

  • real good coffee

  • Makes 50 cups

  • Spill proof

  • Ships Tomorrow

  • Stainless steel


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Filter Instant Coffee Travel Kit

A Strong & Sweet Blend

The nutty-bold taste of Filter Kaapi perfected with a blend of 70% Robusta and 30% Chicory.


An airtight aluminium seal makes sure your coffee is delivered as fresh as it started out.

Travel mug

The heat-proof lid and double walled body keep your coffee hot—or cold—for 8 hours.

Instant latte

100ml hot milk. 1tsp Premium Instant. Froth till combined.

Cold Coffee

100ml cold milk + ice. 1tsp Premium Instant. Blend till extra frothy.
Customers Often Ask—
  • Which beans do you use for Instant Filter Coffee?

    Our Premium Instant Filter Coffee is made of 70% Robusta and 30% Chicory.

  • How do I store the coffee?

    We’ve packaged our instant coffee in a sustainable tin, which is perfectly fine to store your coffee in.

  • Will the coffee powder dissolve in hot milk or water?

    Absolutely! Our Premium Instant Filter Coffee completely dissolves when mixed with hot or cold milk/water.

  • What is the shelf life of the coffee?

    The shelf life of our premium instant coffee is 18 months.

  • How is it different from other Instant Coffee brands?

    Our Premium Instant Coffee is made using our signature 100% Arabica Beans. Unlike other regular instant coffees, we innovated using Microground Technology. This process ensures our freshly roasted 100% Arabica is spread equally across soluble coffee crystals, preserving the genuine aroma of fresh coffee and brews a rich cup of coffee in seconds. 

  • Can I customise the mug with my name?

    At the moment we are unable to customise the mug.

  • Will my coffee spill if I’m on-the-go?

    The Travel mug comes with a tight rubber seal, which keeps your coffee secure.

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