Coffee & Treats Gift Pack

Coffee & Treats Gift Pack

This festive season, twist the traditions and get your hands on the Coffee & Treats Gift Pack which includes our chic yellow Brighten Up Mug, Instant Coffee and some gooey treats from Mars. Spread the goodness of real good coffee with your loved ones!

  • Makes 25 cups

  • 100% Arabica

  • 200ml · Ceramic

  • MICROWavE safe

  • Ships Tomorrow


Instant Coffee
Brighten up mug
Galaxy Cookie Crumble
snickers chocolate
twix cookie bar
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Instant Coffee

These soluble coffee crystals are made from only 100% Arabica coffee.

Treats from Mars

Experience heavenly taste of Mars chocolates with your cup of coffee.

Brighten-Up Mug

Our coffee tastes better in our limited-edition yellow Ceramic Mug.

Customers Often Ask—
  • What's in the pack?

    Our Coffee & Treats Gift Pack contains the limited-edition Yellow Brighten Up Mug, Original Instant Coffee and chocolates from Mars including Twix, Galaxy Cookie Crumble, and Snickers Butterscotch.

  • Which beans do you use for Premium Instant?

    Our Premium Instant Coffee is made of 100% Premium Arabica Beans. It contains Soluble Crystals (95%) and Freshly Roasted Coffee (5%).

  • How do I store the coffee?

    We’ve packaged our instant coffee in a sustainable tin, which is perfectly fine to store your coffee in.

  • Will the coffee powder dissolve in hot milk or water?

    Absolutely! Our premium instant coffee contains microground coffee that completely dissolves when mixed with hot or cold milk/water.

  • Do you have any decaf options?

    At the moment we don’t have a decaf instant coffee, but are working towards it.

  • What is the caffeine content of your Instant Coffee?

    Our 1 gram of Instant Coffee contains 36 mg of caffeine.Hence, on an average, a single cup will contain 2 grams of coffee making the caffeine content in each cup around 72mg.

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