Brew at home

  • Reusable Cold Brew Kit
  • Brew Kit with 6 Brew Packs
  • Add water and keep overnight
  • Makes up to 18 cups
  • Ships across India
  • Delivered via FedEx
Regular price ₹1,000
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Home Brew. On Tap.

Drop a few Brew Packs into the Brew Kit, add water and keep it overnight. Make up to 1.5L coffee in one go. Store it in the Kit, pour it from the tap. Nice!

Includes 6 Brew Packs

Makes 18 cups

Shipped Fresh

Our coffee is ground daily, then packed immediately. And it’s shipped the same day.

Easy to Brew

Fill the kit with water. Add Brew Packs. Brew it overnight. Pour it from the tap as required.

Tastes Great

Make great coffee. Use any of our Brew Pack flavours with the Kit. Find your favourite.

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Brew. Rinse. Repeat.

Easily make your favourite iced coffee. Simply add some Brew Packs and water to the Kit and keep it overnight. Your coffee will brew in the Kit, and can be stored in there for weeks.

The bag is reusable—just remember to wash it with warm water between uses.

Home made coffee. Anytime.

The Kit stores up to 18 cups of coffee, so it’s always available in an instant. Just pour it from the tap—it’s fresh.

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