Big Brew Box
Big Brew

Big Brew Box

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Coffee on tap. 100% Coffee, Ready to Drink. No sugar and no preservatives. Serves 10 cups, stays fresh for a month. Ships in Delhi NCR.

  • 100% Arabica

  • from chikmagalur

  • No preservatives

  • Serves 10 cups

  • Ships Tomorrow

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Regular price ₹600
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Big Brew Box
what makes it special
Our signature chocolatey flavour
comes from great beans.

Sourced with care

We use Arabica coffee that’s rated Grade-A

An exact roast

The right roast enhances the flavours you want

Delivered fresh

Ground just right and immediately sealed

Customers Often Ask—
  • What are the On-Tap Brew Boxes?

    The On-Tap Brew Box is our way of making your life easier. It is a ready-to-drink 100% Arabica Coffee, brewed freshly every single day. The process requires 100% Arabica coffee being brewed in cold water for over 22 hours to extract the optimum taste.

  • How many cups of coffee can I get from the Brew Box?

    The Big Brew Box gives you approximately 10-12 cups of black coffee. While, the Lil Brew  Box gives you 4-6 cups of coffee.

  • In what all flavours do the Brew Boxes on Tap come?

    We offer the Brew Box in only one variant- Original.

  • How long before the Brew Box Cold Brew goes bad?

    The Cold Brew stays fresh for up to a week when refrigerated.

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