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We’re building our next product publicly

Our next big thing is a filter coffee, without any filters. We want you to be a part of our journey as we iron out the kinks—share your opinions and get updates on the entire project right here.

1st June
Featured It's live 🔥

It's live 🔥

Our Filter Coffee is finally here for you all to try! We do feel a mix of relief and excitement, but we look forward to hearing from you more than anything (we love feedback). After all, you have been with us for the past 12 weeks going over every small detail about our little Project. It's been a fun journey!

Hope to see you soon, in a cup. ☺️

25th May
Nearing Launch 🚀

Nearing Launch 🚀

We think it is safe to say that almost all of our excuses involve Coronavirus now. Like this one – Sorry, our update is late because of the second wave of the pandemic. We've had a lot going on in the background, but safe to say it's all okay now.

However, we're back with another update on our Filter Coffee Project. Let's get started..

Production & Photoshoot

Our production hit a roadblock after the factory shut down for almost a month, but we finally received it last week. And boy, are we gushing over it! 😍

Next up was the product shoot. It's quite challenging to do a full fledged photoshoot in the middle of a lockdown. You can't rent a studio, hire a team etc.. Anyway, we ordered some green coloured chart papers, built a little studio in our backyard, and got to work. Here's a BTS:


We're currently working on the website design for launch. This typically includes a detailed product page, and some assets we create around the website to announce the launch. It's still WIP, but we'll share a quick sneak peak:

The Script 📝

Coming to the most exciting part of our update - we finalised a script last week for our launch video, and we'd love to share it completely in the open. So, here it is. Take a look for yourself! We're going to shoot this over the next 24-36 hours. We're quite stoked 😁

We saved the best update for the last: the composition we've settled for is 85% Coffee & 15% Chicory for our version of the True South Indian Kaapi blend. This way we were able to nail the woody, and nutty notes of the chicory root, and yet not let it overpower the taste of our signature coffee.

We are just a few steps away from the final launch! Hope you are waiting as eagerly as we are. Tentative launch is this weekend. 😁

Stay home, prioritise getting vaccinated at the earliest & wear a double mask. 😷

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29th March
Packaging Samples & More 📦

Packaging Samples & More 📦

Here’s hoping you have been waiting for an update as much as we have been waiting to update you. What can we say, the end of the financial year has us neck-deep in work!

Our shared journey to coming up with our next launch, Filter Coffee, has been nothing but exciting and rewarding. The last we got in touch with you was to update you on the winner of our 'Packaging Sample Poll'.

Out of the ~2200 people that voted, 70% of you had chosen the all green option for the packaging. But our work did not end there. We spent a few days at one of our partners factories to get the colour right.

The Pantone shade for the green is 371-C. To bring a product to life, we work with at least 3-5 different factories, and having a Pantone shade helps bring consistency. We've had issues in the past where the outer packaging looks very different from the inner packs (if you ever bought the Latte, you would've seen this). And we, of course, learn from our mistakes.

The packs are now in final production. We'll try to share some photos of the process, but this seems unlikely due to COVID, and restrictive access to the factory.

Tasting 😋

After endless rounds of trial with our team internally, we've found a winner. We are over the moon to have decided on the right blend and concentration which will become uniquely ours. We'll publish the exact Coffee:Chicory % just before launch. Hint: It's b/w 10-15% as we had predicted in our earlier update.

Things are now going to move much faster. Our aim is to have everything ready around the second week of April.

Next Steps:

  • 📦 Finalise the outer packaging
  • 📹 Start working on video assets - 'How To Brew' video
  • 📷 Plan the product shoot for our website
  • ✏️ Website communication
  • 🏭 Prepare for final production of the first batch!
  • We'll report back end of this week on some of these points. Happy Holi!

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    9th March

    We have a winner! 🏆

    All-green colour scheme is a clear favourite. So, as promised, this is the one that'll go into production for physical samples. We'll report back soon!

    6th March
    Voting Day ☕️

    Voting Day ☕️

    The mock designs are here, and you are going to decide which one goes through.

    Voting has now ended!

    4th March
    Kaapi Tasting ☕️

    Kaapi Tasting ☕️

    We spent the past few days tasting different blends. In our research, we found that most traditional brands added north of 25% chicory. We don't have a problem with this, but wanted to try as little as 5% to see where it takes us.

    We tried 4 different blends with medium roast coffee. Yet to experiment with darker roasts (more on this soon!)

    10-15% is what won internally. We felt this amount is enough to add that unique taste of the authentic South Indian Kaapi. We'll continue tasting more variations over the next 10 days before concluding the exact % of chicory. Safe to say we'll keep it to the bare minimum.

    Next Up: Packaging Design

    Usually most brands have a design system, and we do too. This basically means that we don’t have to work on a new packaging from scratch. There are some elements, and patterns that already exist in the products we sell, and we use these as a base to work on new products. This also helps in ensuring consistency in design across the entire portfolio.

    Our team has started working on two options, and this is where you come in. We’re going to put it up to vote, and you’re going to help us decide the final one.

    One of the main USP's of this product is the ability to make a filter Kaapi without using any equipment/filter. Essentially what we're doing here is using our Brew Bag technology to make a strong concentrate, but to get the authentic texture, we'll need to update the 'steps/instructions'.

    The design team is almost through with these, but some tweaks still need to be made. We'll do our best to include them in the next packaging update.

    See you for the voting this Saturday, the 6th of March. We're excited!😁

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    25th February

    Hello World 👋

    We’re excited to finally do this! To us, the most important part of building any new product is finding out what you (yes, you!) think about it. This time around, we wanted to start with you.

    First, why are we doing this?

    Thanks to the internet, brands like us can connect with customers like never before. With a single tweet or DM, you can let us know what you think. This seeded the idea—to show you what goes behind a launch in real-time. As a bonus, you could also help us sort out the quirks while the product is still in development.

    How will this be done?

    We're going to use our Brew Bag technology to make a 'South Indian Filter Coffee’. Just like the Latte, it'll make a strong concentrate without the need for a percolator.

    A traditional Kaapi is made with a blend of strong coffee & chicory. We don't want to keep our blend a secret. Instead we'll share a detailed account of what blends we tried, what worked, what didn't and why. We’ll document the whole process right here. Here's the plan for the next few days:

    • Tasting: We’ve ordered some chicory samples to test multiple blends with our coffee.
    • Design: We’ll start making a few mockups of what the packaging could look like and we’ll put up a few designs to vote.

    We’ll report back on Wednesday, the 3rd of March. Have a great weekend!

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