Creamy. Bold. Strong.

Not just a regular hot brew. Our Latte house blend is created from the ground up to extract a stronger concentrate. Mellow it down with milk for a smooth coffee that's as good as any cafe.

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real coffee concentrate

no equipment required

have it with milk

Move over, instant coffee.

A great Latte is now easy to make at home. Each bag contains ground coffee sealed in a filter bag made from natural fibres. All you do is—

  1. Add some hot water

    Just 100ml makes a strong concentrate
  2. Wait five minutes

    This extracts the best coffee flavours
  3. Mix in warm milk

    Latte as good as any cafe. Ready.

Available in a dark roasted house blend that brews stronger than regular coffee.


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Sleepy Owl’s Latte is the smoothest, creamiest coffee I’ve ever made at home. And it wakes you up like nothing else. @lattemate