It is our 6th birthday and we have got something for everyone! From daily price drops on our bestsellers to a Scavenger Hunt across the website, you are going to enjoy our Birthday Month throughly. And did we mention the Mystery Boxes?

Your coffee says a lot about you. So we thought, why not take a chance! You pick your personality and we'll guess your drink. Enjoy specially curated coffee combos from the house of Sleepy Owl.

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The Premium Instant Kit is back due to popular demand! Get yours before they’re gone.

This one’s really fun! We’ve hidden deals and discounts all over the website. They’re in places you’d least suspect, so get hunting!

52 Scavenged
48 Remaining
Each secret can be found once—
then it’s gone forever

The journey of everything big starts with something small. Three friends, one idea, a shared dream, and not knowing when to stop. Dive into our little world and take a trip down memory lane. First stop- We're going to where it all began!

While 2016 is only six years ago on paper, for us Sleepy Owl has been underway for a long time. From the day our founders met, from the day they found out they all love coffee, and from the day they decided they could make the Indian coffee industry better.

We’ve put our hearts into it :)