Filter Coffee Kit

Enjoy the taste of authentic South Indian Kaapi from the comfort of your home. Brew the perfect cup of nutty goodness from scratch with our Filter Coffee Kit.


Coffee Powder
dabara tumbler
filter coffee brewer
pure Brass spoon
  • from chikmagalur

  • real good coffee

  • pure brass

  • No preservatives

  • Ships Tomorrow

  • How to Brew ↗

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South Indian Filter Kaapi

Precision filtering

The tiny perforations ensure a mud-free coffee concentrate.

A Strong Decoction

A dense, velvety-smooth decoction that makes up to 2 cups of Filter Kaapi.

Pure brass dabara and tumbler

Traditional dabara and tumbler set for an authentic experience.

Add coffee to the upper compartment.

Tamp down the coffee lightly with the plunger.

Add hot water over it & shut the lid tightly.

Let the coffee percolate for 10-12 minutes.

Pour brewed coffee into dabara cup

Top with boiled milk

Pour between the two cups to froth

Enjoy the authentic kaapi!

Customers Often Ask—
  • What does the Filter Coffee Kit contain?

    This one is a boon for Kaapi lovers! It comes with a 250 gm bag of our Filter Coffee Powder, Filter Coffee Brewer and a dabara tumbler set, both made of pure brass.

  • What beans do you use for the Filter Coffee powder?

    To give you an authentic Filter Kaapi experience, we’ve used premium quality Robusta beans (85%) along with Chicory (15%).

  • What is the caffeine content?

    The Filter Coffee powder has 96mg caffeine per 10 grams of coffee.

  • How do I clean the Dabara set and Brewer?

    Clean using a soft sponge. We recommend not using any abrasive chemicals or scrubbers. Wipe the tumbler with a soft cloth to avoid stains. To maintain the shine, you can use lemon water or vinegar.

  • How many cups of coffee can I make at a time using the Dabara tumbler?

    The capacity of our Brewer is 250ml, which makes up to 2 cups of coffee.

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